summer flower with butterfly


Summertime - Sun drenched days and starlit nights!

The flowers have been planted and are blooming, and we are happy to see how beautiful they look at all the properties!

Our maintenance and management team have visited all the sites and are working on the summer punch lists.   You will see our team of vendors and maintenance staff working hard to keep all the buildings up to our Class-A rating!

We want to thank all our valued customers for their tenancy, and wish them and their families a safe and happy summer!


Beachum & Roeser

Beachum & Roeser Tenant Referral Bonus

We are offering a $1,000 referral bonus to help us fill any of our open office suites. If you know of someone who is looking for space in one of our properties please let us know. Simply send us an email us the following information and we will handle the rest!

  • Potential Tenant Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Company Name, Type of Business
  • Referring Party Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Company Name

The $1,000 referral bonus will be paid when the new tenant moves in. Eligible referrals are considered to be potential tenants that Beachum & Roeser are not currently in contact with.  In the case of two referrals for the same person/company, the referral that we receive first will take precedence.